Work From Anywhere

Resposibilities :

  • Attract new clients by innovating and overseeing the sales process for the business
  • Work with senior team members to identify and manage company risks that might prevent growth
  • Identify and research opportunities that come up in new and existing markets for new business development through following up on leads and conducting research on target clients
  • Prepare and deliver pitches and presentations to potential new clients
  • Communicate with clients to understand their needs and offer solutions to their problems
  • Create positive, long-lasting relationships with current and potential clients

Requitements :

  • Bachelor’s degree (any field)
  • Proficiencies in English and Indonesian (both of written and verbal communication)
  • Exprience in working in ICT / B2B Saas Product Selling (Preferred)
  • Experience in both the project management and sales side of running a business
  • Strong customer service and sales skills for generating leads
  • Advanced presentation and persuasive skills
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills for building meaningful relationships with clients
  • Extensive knowledge of productivity tools and software
  • Attention to detail and organization skills for honing in on each necessary task
  • Advanced decision-making and problem-solving skills

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