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Full Stack Web & Mobile App Development

We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. we also realize that our existing customers, as well as new customers, sometimes need a more flexible solution in terms of engagement duration and a very tailored skill set.

Onsite Experts

QNP provides on-site software consultancy services. The services are provided by leading “hands-on” experts – each in their own domain of expertise – that operate in all verticals of the market, at organizations with R&D departments of any size.


Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done, it’s that simple. Requires leading edge CI/CD process for achieving lightspeed application delivery in the era of cloud computing and container orchestration like Kubernetes/Docker Swarm.

Performance Testing & QA

Performance testing in today’s application-dominated world is becoming more important than ever. With the rise of social platforms, BI and the direction of SaaS development it has never been clearer that performance is a major factor to take into consideration.


QNP provides a comprehensive strategy for highly available, reliable, resilient, scalable and cost-effective engineering and operations of On Premise as well as Cloud Infrastructure Services. Especially for Cloud Services, QNP as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) will provide Customer with solution based on suitable its business need such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS).

R&D Outsource

QNP’s expertise, which is based on a large number of often complex projects, ensures you’re in safe hands. Some of the benefits you gain to capitalize on when working with QNP include:


Helping the community

Bravoo ERP

Whether you are a software company wanting to track bugs, a manufacturing plant wanting to track issues, this is designed for you. Issue Tracker, powerful, simple tool allows you to keep your issues organised and streamlined. It is easy to install, we provide you with simple code to implement in your website or mobile application.


The Duit application makes recording your finances easier. You can see if your finances have been healthy or need improvement. The Duit application provides benefits with PWA technology for users to use the application.


New generation Software As A Service (SaaS) based Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Capital Management solution for enterprise(s) any size. Its very easy to interface and mobile application provides high productivity and efficiency for its users. We help you to migrate data from your existing system at free of charge.


White label Mobile Application Platform allows individuals to become service providers, manage their service calendar and appointments. Customers can interactively make appointments with their service provider. Features include On Demand Services, No Show tracking, Rewards and Referral Programs, etc.


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Our Services

We have worked with many large to medium-sized companies in the Asian region to fulfill the unique digital needs of each of your company's needs

Mobile Application

Now, the world is at hand. Don't miss the golden opportunity to start your online business with Mobile Apps.

Database Management

Manage your databases, organize, manage operations and security.

Startup consultation

Develop premium websites that are user friendly, easy to edit and use. Develop e-commerce for your business.

IT Support

QNP provides on-site software consulting services. Services are provided by experienced experts – in their respective domains of expertise

PWA - Web App

Have an international standard PWA application that can take your business fly higher.


Have a fully automated and integrated cloud-based company information system so you can save time and money and focus on expanding your business.


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